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The Quantum Leap Technology Trade Mission Series

The Quantum Leap Technology Trade Mission Series is designed to offer public and private sector stakeholders direct access to the most hyper-evolved technologies in the energy, infrastructure, and net zero space. And to offer clean energy technology innovators, and net zero-focused platform providers a direct audience with the government and commercial sector stakeholders who can utilize these next-generation solutions.

They’ve been telling you for years that technologies were in development to accelerate the reversal of climate change. But Where Are these innovations? The wait is over. We work with labs all over the world, and we’re going to begin introducing these technologies right now. From the top down, in more than 47 countries. Are you interested?

The Embassy Row Project has a strategy in motion to internationalize a selection of the most hyper-evolved technologies ever designed to combat the impact of climate change,  We are also working with international steak holders to launch carbon reduction education programs in heavily polluting industries, with measurable, and immediate results.

You’ve been told that clean, cheap, and abundant energy is a myth. Yet there are several next-generation technologies that not only exist but have been waiting to be deployed. You will hear that there are no carbon capture and removal technologies that can draw down carbon into the gigatonnes, but these technologies also exist. And we’re going to show them to you.

These, and several other climate technologies,  as well as carbon reduction education and training programs, will be launched in 2023 as the Embassy Row Project introduces the Quantum Leap Technology Trade Mission Series.  We’re meeting with public, and private sector stakeholders to introduce the next generation of climate and clean energy technologies. And we’re launching our global, commercial-sector carbon reduction training programs throughout the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. 

We are introducing tomorrow’s technologies Today, in the sectors of hydrogen, battery storage, small modular reactor, decarbonization, carbon capture and removal, environmental commodities platforms, blockchain, big data, biotechnology, aerospace, artificial intelligence, agro tech, and other tested and proven climate technologies that can be utilized as solutions to climate change problems globally.

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