The Envirotech Accelerator Launches Leading XPRIZE Team for Carbon Reduction With Next-Generation Carbon Capture & Sequestration Technology - Embassy Row Project Podcast

The Envirotech Accelerator Launches Leading XPRIZE Team for Carbon Reduction With Next-Generation Carbon Capture & Sequestration Technology

“What this XPRIZE team has achieved is an absolute quantum leap in carbon capture and sequestration technology”, explains Envirotech Accelerator founder, James Scott, “This technology is fully optimized for scalability, limited energy input requirements, and utilizes a building block construction strategy which means it can be implemented virtually anywhere.”

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ENVIROTECH is a Washington, D.C.-based Accelerator that provides an optimized conduit for hyper-accelerated internationalization of original research and labs, incubators, and accelerators.

Our programs are rooted in almost two decades of international contact cultivation among public and private sector stakeholders, intergovernmental organizations and trade bloc leadership, and commercial sector networks. Our small collective of advisors works with international government and commercial stakeholders on creating quiet programs that out-think, outmaneuver, and out-strategize competitive interests in hyper-competitive spaces. We now offer this solution to select startups, accelerators, and incubators with an interest in a synergistically aligned, multi-vector and multinational approach to high impact and explosive growth.

Our programs are designed to triple the distance in a fraction of the time, and in a manner that holds true to the passion, vision, and mission of the accelerators, incubators, and founders we work with. Our plug-and-play architecture runs 24/7 in the background, quietly optimizing each layer of strategy and internationalizing positions, publicizing wins, aligning commercial and initiative-based mutual interests, and creating alliances and partnerships that are built to last.

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The technology is featured in the March 2023 issue of the peer-reviewed Journal for Carbon Utilization.  This carbon capture and sequestration technology was designed to capture atmospheric CO2 much like lichen do in nature.  Lichen are comprised of two organisms, an algae, which photosynthesizes, pulling down atmospheric CO2, and a fungus, which provides a good environment for the algae to thrive, allowing the algae to receive the right amount of micro-nutrients, gas exchange, moisture and sunlight (but not too much UV) necessary for photosynthesis.  A paint innovation company, Reactive Surfaces, specializing in developing bio-based coatings for the paint and coatings industry for the past 20 years, has developed a paint containing algae that photosynthesize within a special non-toxic coating system which allows for the lighting, gas exchange, nutrients and water the algae need, much like lichen.  

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