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Embassy Row Project Launches Carbon Markets Institute and Latest Books by James Scott

As 2023 begins the Embassy Row Project has immediately begun launching new programs such as their Quantum Leap Technology Trade Mission Series, the Carbon Markets Institute, the WACN (We Are Carbon Neutral) project, the Bulgarian and European Union Decarbonization Tech Trade Mission, and the intergovernmental and Congressional promotion of the Black Sea Submarine Cable Project with the Embassy of Georgia. They have also published three new books by Embassy Row Project’s founder James Scott entitled, “Green Conflict Minerals: The Mad Dash to Net Zero Is About to Get Rough”, “Climate Change Economics: Carbon Capitalism, Regenerative Agriculture & Beyond”, and “A Fast Track to Carbon Neutral: Using Environmental Commodities to Rapid Launch Commercial Sustainability Programs”. 

The Carbon Markets Institute was created at the request of American and European stakeholders seeking insight and guidance on accelerated carbon markets and carbon project development. CMI has already begun its virtual trade missions to US and European commercial sector organizations seeking education and guidance on environmental commodities and utilizing carbon offsets as part of their sustainability programs as they accelerate their goals to achieve net neutral carbon emissions and eventually net zero.

The WACN (We Are Carbon Neutral) project offers trade associations white-label and turnkey education material and a carbon offsetting program designed to help association members launch sustainability programs, and social impact strategies, and to accelerate their path to net neutral carbon emissions and to achieve net zero carbon emissions with a more direct trajectory and expedited pace.

The Quantum Leap Technology Trade Mission Series throughout the United States and Europe has rapidly expanded its portfolio of next-generation technologies in the climate, environmental, agriculture, and energy space. “We’ve had to begin expanding our mission to all 50 States in the US” explains Embassy Row Project founder James Scott, “We’ve been asked to add several high-priority economic development regions to our trade mission schedule as States zero in on the importance of this trade mission tour and it’s international activation of those regions as “sustainability tech hubs”. 

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