Climate Change Economics: Carbon Capitalism, Regenerative Agriculture & Beyond. by James Scott - Embassy Row Project Podcast

Climate Change Economics: Carbon Capitalism, Regenerative Agriculture & Beyond. by James Scott

This is a brief introduction to the latest book by Embassy Row Project’s founder, James Scott entitled, Climate Change Economics: Carbon Capitalism, Regenerative Agriculture & Beyond. 

Man stands at the precipice and stares into the distance begging for a glimpse of his future; staring back is the virtually futile reality of anthropogenic climate change. The Paris Climate Agreement and the recent COP27 Climate Conference have set ambitious goals for the reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 and limiting the global increase in temperatures to 1.5oC. To reach these goals, immediate and coordinated action is required. While new technologies are being developed to help reach these goals using renewable energy, carbon sequestration from the atmosphere, etc., there are technologies and solutions that can be deployed immediately to reduce GHG emissions. The most effective solutions are market-based solutions that can be implemented without a large permanent public investment. However, these solutions will probably need public-private partnerships to accelerate their adoption to meet the GHG emissions reduction goals.

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