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Next Generation Biomimetic Coating for Carbon Capture and Removal

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About the Embassy Row Project:
Founded by international energy and infrastructure technology advisor, James Scott, the Embassy Row Project strives to unify the next generation of leaders & initiatives that are hyper-focused on instigating positive change on issues that impact the environment, human rights, technological innovation, and international trade collaborations that proliferate diversity, and food security, and dignified employment with a livable wage.

Next Generation Biomimetic Coating for Carbon Capture and Removal

(Download the Whitepaper) This new carbon capture and storage technology uses biomimicry of lichen-imitating nature to remove CO2 that causes climate change from the atmosphere. This environment-friendly technology uses microalgae embedded in a coating and solar energy to convert CO2 into cellulose, providing significant advantages over the existing carbon capture methods. This technology is easy to set up and maintain and creates minimal adverse environmental effects.

It is estimated that this technology has a carbon removal efficiency of 50% at the cost of $629 per tonne of CO2 net sequestered.[2] This is already economically competitive with existing direct air carbon capture and storage technologies, although further improvements should reduce the cost. Because it is based upon in-coating exponential growth of algae, self-inoculation, and self-sequestration, the overall system has the potential to exponentially scale up, allowing us to rapidly begin giga-tonne carbon capture and sequestration. Carbon Capture Coatings technology can also be used to capture and sequester point-source emissions from industrial slipstreams.

Team Lichen and ENVIROTECH Pre-Accelerator UPDATE: After their presentation at the Democratizing Decarbonization Summit at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in November of 2022, XPRIZE Team Lichen has been offered a pilot project to launch their much-anticipated carbon capture technology by the Bulgarian government.

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